Mary Catello




                Studied under:

                Flo Hoppe                           Matt Tommey                   Mary Hettsmansperger

                Judy Briscoe                       Dawn Daugherty              Eydie Lampasonia

                Jackie Abrams                   Nathalie Miebach            Jerry Maxey                                      

                Lois Russell                         Jo Stealy                              Emily Dorvin

                Lauren Kurrso                    Beatrice Coron                  Jiyoung Chung

 Current Galleries

                Artisans on the Ave         Lake Worth, FL

                Florida Art Craft                 St Petersburg, FL

 Group Exhibitions

                2018       Society of Arts and Craft, Boston

                2017      Elegant Threads, Lighthouse Art Center, Tequesta, FL

                2017       Sally D Franciso Gallery, Peters Valley Craft School, Layton N.J.

                2017      American Art Company, Tacoma Washington

                2017       Perspectives in Fiber: Moving Beyond Tradition, SF Basket & Fiber Guild, Lake Worth, FL

                2016      Armory Art Center: Palm Beach County Cultural Council, Lake Worth, FL

                2015       All Things Considered; The Grand Hand Gallery, St Paul, Minneapolis

                2015    All Things Considered; Fruitlands Museum, Harvard, Massachusetts

                2015       Continuum; West Palm Beach, FL

                2015       Art Synergy; Lake Worth, FL

                2014       Art by Association;   Lighthouse Museum and Art Center, Tequesta, FL

                2014       Go Figure;   Lighthouse Art Center, Tequesta, FL

                2013       Fiber Arts Now;   Venice Art Center, Venice, FL

                2013       Wild Florida: Native Flora and Fauna;   Okeeheelee Nature Center, West Palm Beach, FL

                2012       The Barn;   Rare Species Conservatory Foundation, West Palm Beach, FL

                2012       Its Only Make Be-Weave;   Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery, Lake Worth, FL

                2011       Fiber Arts Now;   Venice Art Center, Venice, FL

                2010       Right Here, Right Now;   Studio 1608, West Palm Beach, FL

                2010       Common Roots;   Arts at St Johns, Miami, FL

                2009       Fiber Arts Now;   Venice Art Center, Venice, FL


                2017       Quarterly Review Featured Artist   National Basketry Organization Winter 2017

                2016       Quarterly Review             National Basketry Organization  October 2016    

                2015       All Things Considered     National Basketry Organizations,

                2014       Mother, daughter turn flora into art        SunSentinel May25, 2014

                2013       500 Paper Objects

 Production, TV

                2015       Graceland, episode 306


                2016       NBO Recognition of Special Merit

                2013      Elizabeth Geisler Award of Excellence